Tracks / Subtracks

Natural Vegetation, Ecological balance and Plantation.
  • Flora, Plantation mix and avian population.
  • Balanced plantation and appropriate plantation mix for the conservation of Biodiversity.
  • Vegetation review on beneficial insects in agriculture and plantation.
  • Balanced plantation for the conservation of wildlife, beneficial insects and birds.
  • Challenges taken to establish a balance between sustainable use of biodiversity conservation and forest resources.

Flora, Groundwater Retention and Plantation.
  • Flora and water retention capacity of the land.
  • Flora and soil Fertility
  • Flora and soil Conservation
  • Flora and prevention of air, water and noise pollution
  • Effect of plantation on water retention capacity of the land
  • Diversified Agriculture –Appropriate plant mix for seasonal regions.

Flora of medicinal and economic importance.
  • Economic importance of medicinal plants.
  • Horticulture fruit crops.
  • Use of algae and fungi.
  • Application of organic farming in biological pest control.
  • Social, economic and cultural effects of plantation.
  • Forest based livelihoods.
  • Rural Development and Community Welfare
  • Plantation and human health.