One Day Seminar
'Natural Vegetation,
Environmental Balance
& Plantation'

on 25-07-2016
Pacific University, Udaipur
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Conference Theme

The Pacific University Udaipur through its faculty of Management and eco sensitivity club purposes to organize a one day seminar in association with Amrita Devi Paryavarn Nagrik Sansthan, Jaipur and Hindu Spiritual Service Fair on the topic entitled Natural Vegetation, Environmental Balance and Plantation.
The living world, that is plants and trees, animals and birds, the beetles and various elements of the environment like air, water, soil, rain, fertility and moisture retaining capacity of the soil etc are all inter-dependent on each other, and therefore, proper and total balance between these elements is extremely necessary.Today, harmony between all these elements is gradually diminishing. Comprehensive efforts are being undertaken by alert citizens and voluntary organizations to revive this harmony between the elements.
Tree plantation is one of the main activities in this regard. But, while refinement and purification of the environment is possible by planting trees in a balanced proportion, on the other hand, the tendency of unbalanced planting of only a few types of trees ignoring the diverse vegetational needs of the eco-system creates several imbalances in Nature. This also adversely affects the environment.        Read More..

Technical tracks

Natural Vegetation, Ecological balance and Plantation.
Flora, Groundwater Retention and Plantation.
Flora of medicinal and economic importance.


Conference Venue


Pacific Hills, Pratap Nagar Extension,
Airport Road, Debari,
Udaipur-313024 (Rajasthan) INDIA.